July 22, 2011

Portland Head Light II

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Last week I posted a shot of this same lighthouse taken from this very same same spot, but at very different settings.

I switched settings to get the longer exposure thinking I might prefer one over the other. I also wanted to make the most of the experience – get the most out of the waning light. When I compared the two finished images in Lightroom, I couldn’t pick a favorite. I liked them both equally. But something else hit me.

That simple change in settings – from f/2.8 and 2 seconds to f/16 and 60 seconds completely changed the mood of the scene.

So for this Friday, here is some lighthouse serenity.

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  1. The B&W conversion really makes this pop given the ultra long exposure…can’t decide which one I like more. Love your coastal stuff lately.

  2. You know, I can’t decide either. I liked the power you felt in the previous image because of the water motion but this just has such a different feel to it which is equally as awesome. They both rock.

  3. I remember well your first image, and now we’ve got this to compliment it. Wow, Bob, that silky water there really adds a ton of drama and intrigue to the scene! I love this a whole lot, my friend!