July 27, 2011

Mountain Terrace

[singlepic id=1472 w=650 float=center]

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Brian Matiash stylize one of my images during his “onOne Takes On” seminar for onOne Software. My intent was to post that image today along with the video of the webcast. However, the webcast is in the process of being edited down a bit (probably cutting out my incoherent ramblings). So, I’ll post that another day.

In its stead, a serene shot from the Mt. Washington Hotel.

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  1. LOVE the B&W effect in this, the added drama really makes for a highly emotive scene here! I just want to pull up one of those comfy chairs there and sit a spell….

  2. Very psyched to see the webcast, I missed it live, loved the first one with Jesse, Jaques and Heath. DoF is so perfect in today’s shot – very cool!

  3. Simply a beautiful traditional shot of the old hotel! So crisp and clean.