July 29, 2011

High Service Water Tower

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I think I posted this directly to Twitter yesterday, but I thought I’d include it here – a hipstamatic shot.

Yesterday morning I was treated to a long anticipated walk-through of this gorgeous water tower in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

After giving me the Reader’s Digest version of the tower’s history, Sam Torissi (my contact with the City) and I made our way up the tower’s spiral staircase – a 100 foot climb – to the top of the tower. The landing at the top has an array of bells and spectacular views in all directions. The skyline of Boston was clearly visible. 30 miles away.

Even though this walkthrough was only a scouting mission, I did bring my tripod and a couple of lenses, so I was able grab a couple of shots. But you’ll have to wait until I do the complete shoot before seeing them.

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