August 2, 2011

City Hall’s Hallways

Last Friday I had the opportunity to shoot inside Lawrence’s City Hall. Not a comprehensive shoot by any means. I was treated to a couple of cool areas which are inaccessible to the general public, which were pretty cool. After shooting those, I wandered around the building a bit – alone, with tripod – and grabbed a couple of fisheye shots.

Have to say, everyone I met was more than pleasant. No tripod police, no confrontation. Just pleasant people asking if I was in the way, and politely offering to move.

It is an awesome building. The highlight is this wide open view up three floors to the sun-lit stained glass ceiling.

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  1. This is an interesting shot, I did a double-take when I first saw it, couldn’t tell if you were looking up, down or if it was a reflection. Good to hear you had no trouble taking it as well.