August 3, 2011

Page VI

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an image from this series, so here you go.

The series is down to the last couple of images. At least the first part of this series. As I mentioned before, I may be shooting this book again as part of a larger project that involves new paint made from these old wool samples. I’ll keep you posted

On another note:
The long anticipated (by me, anyway) shoot of Lawrence’s High Service Water Tower (built in 1895) happened yesterday morning. It was something. I didn’t have time to shoot as much as I wanted, but did come away a few shots that I am anxious to process and present. A few from inside the tower and a couple from the top of the tower of the fantastic views of the Valley.

The first one drops tomorrow.

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  1. Bob, you nailed these book images! Really like the dof and how the textures of the pages are pulled out so true! wonderful work my friend!

  2. God, Bob, I just can’t get enough of this series. Really sad to see it near it’s end now, this selection of images you’ve captured and shared with us here of this book has been utterly and dramatic for me. I am so delighted to have seen the entire series as you’ve posted it and thank you very much.