August 4, 2011

Meet Sam

I have a lot of people to thank for my access to these great Industrial Era buildings in Lawrence. I can start with my good friend Tom Short, who got me started shooting in many properties. I will be eternally grateful to Marianne Paley and her family, owners of the Everett and Stone Mill and Sandra Krug owner of Bolton Emerson Americas.

Today, I am adding Sam Torissi to the list. I wanted to shoot the High Service Water Tower, so I reached out to the City of Lawrence. I got the high level clearance and was told to contact Sam.

Assuming my request was passed along, I made the call. It started like this:

Sam: “Hello?”
Me: “Hi … Sam?”
Sam: “Yes?”
Me: “This is Bob Lussier, the Photographer from Methuen.”
Sam: “How nice for you!”

OK. Good start.

After explaining myself, my photographic wants and needs, followed by a little friendly banter, Sam and I were on the same page. I could shoot the tower. It was just a matter of timing.

So to kick off this little series, I thought I’d present a shot of Sam.

This was shot at the top of the tower – the observation deck. To Sam’s right, the sweet bells – donated by various institutions from around the country. Out the windows – fantastic views in all directions. On a clear day you can see Boston and you can see the White Mountains.

The tower itself is pretty basic. It stands 12 stories high. It holds a 125 foot tall stainless steel water tank in the main part of the tower. It has a 125+ foot spiral staircase winding up the side.

Bottom line is, this may be a short series, but for me it was a memorable experience. I think it is worth seeing.

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  1. That’s pretty cool, Bob. It’s a POV that the vast majority of us will never see. Looking forward to the rest… πŸ™‚

  2. Great fisheye portrait! Looking forward to the series. I wonder if there is a shot of that 125+ foot spiral staircase in the mix… πŸ˜‰

  3. lmao ” How nice for you!” ha-ha! I can just imagine the “doh!” face you must have had!

    As far as the image goes, good job. The selective focus works very well here.