August 12, 2011

The Golden Spiral

[singlepic id=1489 w=865 h= float=center]

I wanted to end this series before I leave for vacation and I had a couple of images left that I wanted to show. So I thought I’d present two today.

The first (above) may be my favorite of my shots of the spiral staircase. It is a shot that I visualized even before I saw the inside of the tower. It is so great when your expectations are met. Even better when they are exceeded.

The second shot (below) is an exterior shot of the tower. It’s not part of the original shoot, but I think it completes the picture.

This is a magnificent structure. It really was a privilege to shoot it. I am really grateful to the City of Lawrence for the access and (especially) Sam Torrisi, my host.

Over the next week or so, I will be away in North Carolina, visiting relatives, running and doing lots of photography. I hope to do some blog updates, but no promises. My in-laws still connect via beta web technologies, so I may be at the mercy of my iPhone and maybe an internet cafe in Wilmington, NC.

So check in when you can. You may find something new.

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  1. Two beautiful images Bob. Really like the shadows in the staircase and the lens distortion around the tower just makes the shot! Awesome work!

  2. the first shot is really cool. That second shot though man, wow! The distortion and the rays along with the subject impart an almost magical feeling to it. Very nice.

  3. Love these!! My Dad used to say when we were young, (I lived on Tower Hill till I was 8) If you ever get lost just look for the tower! He’s passed away now, but this area and this Tower hold fond memoreis for me and are images in some new series I am working on. Then we moved around, Louisville, KY, Longmeadow, Ma, Princeton NJ and ended up in North Andover, MA – where I finished High School and then went to Mass. College of Art, BFA in Painting.
    You are a very talented Photographer!