August 12, 2011

Welcome to Philly

I shot this this morning as we landed in Philly, where we caught a connecting flight to Wilmington, North Carolina. Shot with CameraPlus Pro and processed w: tilt shift generator.

We are visiting my wife’s family. My in-laws are about a decade behind on Internet technologies, so I am relying on my trusty iPhone. And reading a lot more than usual.

Anyway, this is a test of the iPhone wordpress app. I’m about to hit save and publish. Hope it works.

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  1. This is sweet Bob, gotta use the T-S generator more 🙂 Say what up to Philly for me, go get a cheesesteak at Jim’s – nevermind Pats or Ginos.

  2. Love the shot! I also had to play with the WP app this week… Seemed to work well, but I preloaded the images on there… Have a nice trip!