August 18, 2011

Up in the Air

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As I type this I’m sitting in the Wilmington, NC Airport waiting for our flight to Philly, where we were supposed to pick up a connecting flight to Manchester, NH. That flight was supposed to get us home by 6:30 PM. Thanks to a line of thunderstorms (and a couple of tornados along the beach), out flight is delayed. And we will probably miss or connecting flight in Philadelphia.

The next flight from Philly to Manchester is around 11:00 pm. That will get us home around 1:00 AM tomorrow. So our return time is up in the air.

Not a total loss, at least the airport has free wifi. This is the first time all week I’ve had a chance to get a blog post up.

The week went well. We had a good visit with my wife’s family and I got to do a lot of photography. I quickly processed a lot of the images but I can’t wait to get home and go at them with my full suite of tools.

Today’s image is from last Friday’s flight from Philly to Wilmington. I think it was shot somewhere over North Carolina.

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