August 20, 2011

Up the Beach

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I love shooting the beach on overcast days. There are a lot of reasons, but the primary one is probably because most people tend to pack up and leave. Take away the sun and the sun worshipers have not god. That opens up the beach to people like me – pasty white photosensitive photographers – to go out and play.

This is another shot from Seabrook, New Hampshire – looking north towards Hampton.

On Another Note… I spent the morning processing some of the images from my trip to North Carolina. I’m pretty happy with what I captured. For a trip that was basically family centric, I did get out to shoot quite a bit. Mostly, I took advantage what was close to my in-laws house or the local beaches that the family migrated to. But I was also able to break away for an epic day of shooting at Bald Head Island with my friend and talented photographer, Rob Hanson.

The resulting images range from rusty tanks to fishing piers to sunsets to the inside of the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina.

Something for everyone. I’ll start posting them tomorrow.

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  1. Ah, yah! Can’t wait to see what you got when you were down here, Bob. Thanks for carving out some time to get together.