August 21, 2011

Fear Connected

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When I hear “Cape Fear” the first thing I think about is the 1991 movie thriller with Robert DeNiro.

But Cape Fear is not just the title of a creepy movie, it is also a 202 mile long river that winds it’s way through North Carolina. Wilmington is a major port city on the Cape Fear River and where I spent last week visiting family.

My in-laws live about a half mile from the river and a couple of miles from the port. Naturally, on my first day there I needed to explore. My brother-in-law, Steven and I took a drive to scout out things for me to shoot.

Our first stop on that reconnaissance mission was this glaring opening in thick brush and swamp that separated the road from the river. I thought the lines and geometry of these power lines were really cool. So, yes – I went all the way to North Carolina and photographed power lines.

The Cape Fear River river is wide. How wide? It required not one, but two of those connecting stands secured to the river bed in order to stretch the lines across the river.

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