August 23, 2011


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If I lived in the area I might be tempted to contact the proper authorities to gain access to these awesome tanks. Or maybe just hop the fence and risk arrest. Well, the barbed wire lining the top of the fence might make me re-think that second plan.

Anyway my brother-in-law, Steven drove me past these tanks. I knew I would shoot them before the week was out. With the tight security, all I could do was shoot them from the road. So I did.

I ended up with a few shots that I’m happy to share. This is the first.

As much as I love the color of rust, this image was begging for the black and white treatment. In fact, I was surprised at how much I gravitated to black and white on the trip.

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  1. I’ve spent all morning fighting the urge to write “You’re welcome” as a comment.
    So glad that even with limited external access you managed to get the perfect angle on the staircase on the far tank.

  2. Having seen this tanks in-person, I can really feel how good the processing is. I think it was the perfect choice.

  3. There is such an element of drama in your B&W work Bob, I can’t get over it. What a fabulous shot, I love the composition; there’s enough here to satisfy the yearning for context, but not too much so as to take away from the prime subject! Awesome work here, my friend.