August 29, 2011


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You don’t find many of these long fishing piers at the New England beaches I’m familiar with. Actually, in the beahes I’m very familiar with, you don’t find ANY of these piers. So when I was shooting at Kure and Wrightsville Beaches in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, I naturally gravitated towards the unfamiliar.

This was the last shot I took on the trip. We went to dinner at seafood restaurant at Wrightsville Beach (fabulous fried oysters!) and walked around the strip after. Well, my wife and son did.  I wanted to get a long exposure shot of the pier at night. Since it was our last night in NC, this was my last opportunity, so I staked out my territory on the beach about 20 minutes before sunset and started firing away.

For those interested in equipment, I shot this with my recently rediscovered favorite setup, Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 lens on my D700. It was a 2 minute exposure at f20, to ensure a clean starburst.

I wound up with a few shots I was happy with and whittled those down to three I deemed Blog-worth. That’s in addition to the images I shot at Kure Beach a couple of days before.

Hope you like piers.

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  1. Gorgeous shot of a great pier! Some of the wooden ones farther north near where I live are gone, courtesy of Irene.

  2. Wonderful blue hour sky and love those light bursts! That long exposure creates a wonderful smooth surface. Great job!