September 5, 2011

The Greenway

[singlepic id=1509 w=865 float=center]

Last Monday I went into Boston to shoot the Greenway and Zakim Bridge at dusk. It turned out to be a fairly fruitful session.

While I was waiting for the sun to drop, I tried my hand at a long-lens panorama of the Greenway. That’s the big open area that used to be the expressway. You may have heard of the Big Dig, the multi billion dollar project to bury the expressway below the city. This is the result.

Anyway, it is comprised of 13 hdr images (7 exposures each), portrait orientation. I used my 80-200mm lens at about 112mm. It was stitched in Photoshop CS3.0

Click to see the full size image in a new window. Scroll around. Please note, this was more an exercise in technique than aesthetics. I did little to no cleanup, so please ignore the ghosting and other flaws.

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  1. Very nice pano, Bob. This is a new and unique perspective on shots of Boston. What is the distinct building in the right foreground?

  2. Amazing pano! I live just outside of Boston and am all too familiar with that thing they called “The Big Dig” – We will be hearing about this thing for probably another 100 years!

    Anyways the photograph came out great and is definitely worth looking at full size, which I did do, for a substantial amount of time.

  3. An unexpected bit of sweetness and light from Bob! Besides the technical accomplishment, it is a beautiful scene captured precisely at best light.