September 6, 2011

Baldy Steps

[singlepic id=1511 h=650 float=center]

The climb to the top of Old Baldy Lighthouse was long and hot. Thank god the trip was broken up by five landings that offered rest and photo opportunities.

This shot, looking up the staircase was a natural for me. I just had to take it.  Evidently after seeing my LCD, Rob Hanson had to take it too.  Yeah. He stole was influenced by my comp. But that’s OK. he bought me a beer later.

Seriously, that is the reason shooting with others is so great. We get to see how others see the things we see. It makes us better photographers.

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  1. Heh, heh… Stealing is the most sincere form of flattery, my friend.

    I still carry the great memories shooting with you that day. I hope we get the chance to do so again someday.

  2. Love the composition and the details in this photo! Great work! Lighthouses are a lot of fun to climb up, but definitely require some time and energy getting to the top. Can you image having that as your full time job!?

  3. Old Baldy has never gotten coverage like this. I added another to today. I can only imagine what we’d get when the temperature is 70 degrees. My biggest obstacle besides the heat was moving all the trash cans and window signs out of the way. One of my Photoshop laws is: it’s easier to move a trash can out of a scene than it is to clone it out.