September 15, 2011

The Ride

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I know, for a non-car guy, I sure do post a lot of images of cars. There is a story with this one.

My friend, Derek (who IS into cars) was gifted a one hour drive in a Ferrari through a company that does such things. Basically, a ‘Ferrari Sherpa Guide’ drives you – in the Ferrari – to a predetermined location, where he then educates you on the dos and don’ts of handling this high powered vehicle. After the lesson, you are allowed to drive the car for an hour.

Derek asked me if I would be willing to take a few shots of him in the vehicle, beside the vehicle, drooling on the vehicle, etc.

I was more than happy to. It was probably the quickest photo session I’ve ever done. i didn’t want to cut into Derek’s driving time.

Derek texted me after his drive was over. He was able to take it onto the Mass Pike and open it up a bit. He hit 6th gear.

Wow. Sixth Gear. That’s like turning the volume up to 11 on an amp, isn’t it?

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  1. Heck yeah! Freaking lucky bastard though… Getting this thing into sixth gear would have been worth the possible ticket. I don’t blame him 🙂