September 17, 2011

Tanks. Again.

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Sorry about the bad pun. I couldn’t resist.

This is the last of these B&W images of tanks I shot in Wilmington, North Carolina last month. I love the shapes, the rust and especially had fun rendering these in Black and white.

Speaking of which … You may be familiar with the HDR series I did last summer of images from the Bolton Emerson Americas Machine shop. I decided to capitalize on my open invitation to “shoot here anytime.” This time however, I will be taking a more traditional approach. Mostly, at least. While I will probably shoot some brackets for HDR processing, I plan to do mostly black and white studies of the facility with an emphasis on the staff and their work.

I’m looking forward to visiting the good people at BEA one of two mornings over the next few weeks. And I’m looking forward to presenting the images here.


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  1. Nice one, Bob. I like the composition with the one tank and the lone cloud floating above it. And really like the shape of that little staircase twisting around the tank there. Cool.