September 22, 2011

Waltham Watch

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It’s funny how things come together. How connections from various parts of your life sometimes cross and make you say, “Wow!”  This watch is such an example.

My mother and sister found it in my mom’s house last weekend. I should say, they rediscovered it. My late father found it originally, around 30 years ago while cleaning out his parents’ house after they passed away. As my mother recalls, my dad wasn’t sure if it belonged to his father or one of his uncles. There is no clue on the watch. There is no inscription or date etched onto the back of the watch.

The other connection is where the watch was manufactured. When I looked at it, the word “Waltham” jumped right out at me. For a brief stint around 11 years ago, I worked for a company located in Waltham, MA –  the old Waltham Watch Building. It is a gorgeous old mill building that sits on the Charles River.

Being the geek that I am, I borrowed the watch from my mother to photograph it. When I got home I started researching Waltham Watches on the Web. I found the serial number schema on a couple of sites dedicated to pocket watches (go figure) and was able to determine its year of manufacture … 1919. That’s nine years before my dad was born. My grandfather was 19.

I have no idea how long this has been in the family, but I’m glad we rediscovered it.

My dad passes away almost 20 years ago – my grandfather, over 30. Shooting this watch made those years melt away.


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  1. Awesome story and great image to represent it! Bob, your macro-type shots may be better than your scaled mill shots – they are very, very good! excellent depth of field and composition!

  2. Oh my God, Bob; I can’t believe how wonderful this is here today! What an awesome photograph. I was mesmerized by some of the details and textures here, found myself captivated for quite some time as I took it all in. Really happy you found this and were able to share it with us like this, it really made my whole day!

  3. Hey Bob… Cool image and story. I really like how you framed this one up with the chain zig zagging in and out of focus… and all against a nice black. Well done

  4. Lovely shot and watch. Great to find somehting like this and that you’ve managed to find out about its history. Amazing that you may have worked at the place where it was put together.

  5. i’m a sucker for classic time pieces and classic cars. this is really nice. i want to wear this with my 3 piece suit. the Waltham connection is most fitting.