Bolton Emerson Americas: Bolts

In 50mm 1.4, industrial by Robert Lussier6 Comments

Last summer I had the pleasure of shooting at Bolton Emerson Americas, a company that makes pulping machines for the paper industry. I did an HDR study of it’s decades old machines – still operational and used daily in their manufacturing process. You can flip through the original set here.

I am lucky to have an open invitation to shoot there and have finally gotten around to taking them up on it. However, this time around I’m approaching it differently. Compositionally, I want to focus more on the shop’s details. Many of the images will be shot with my 50mm prime. In order to compliment the vivid HDR images from the original shoot, I’ll do mostly B&W conversions on this set. Finally, this time around, I won’t be presenting the images consecutively. Look for one or two a week, maybe multiple images in one post.

This is the first … A simple rack of big bolts.


  1. man, do i love a simple rack. love the details and dust, the stories they could tell. if they could talk. they do. fine image bob. fine image.

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