October 12, 2011

Face Time

[singlepic id=1552 w=865 float=center]

I thought I had gone through all of these images from my New York trip this past spring but a quick cruise my catalog revealed this shot. You are looking at Grand Central Terminal’s clock from inside the clock tower.

I have a couple of similar shots of local mill clocks shot from behind the face, so this was a “must get” shot for me. To get into position for it shot, I needed to climb a ladder (which was almost too close to the wall) carrying a tripod and camera. Actually, I think I had to hand my gear to Brian Furbush, who was already doing his thing up there.

The landing left little head room and even less room to set up a tripod. And there wasn’t enough room for two people. I had to throw Brian off of the landing. I think he’s recovered from his injuries by now.

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  1. Hahaha, great shot Bob and I love the back story. I’ve since recovered from my injuries after you tossed me off the ledge, looks like it was worth it for you though 🙂

  2. God, I hope Brian is OK, I love his work too. I am glad to see they are letting him post here from the hospital, that’s good.

    GREAT shot, my friend! LOVE the shadow of what appears to be the clock hand through the stained glass there. Absolutely incredible.