October 14, 2011

Trinity Garden

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This was my first time back to shoot Trinity Church since last summer when I hit it with Brian Matiash and Dave Wilson.

We had the blessing of the church (no pun intended) to shoot the interior with tripods and took full advantage of it. But when we ventured outside with the same gear we were accosted by the Hancock Tower Security force for being a security threat. Go figure. We were carrying cameras and tripods – classic tools of clandestine surveilance. If we had “terrorist” tattoo’d on our foreheads we probably would have been OK. But I digress.

This shot is from my first trip back to Trinity since that memorable visit. It was shot the day I decided to do a short photo walk with the fisheye lens but without my tripod. That’s right, no tripod. I’m a rebel.

I loved the garden. With any lens, I would have been thrilled with that subject alone. But the fact that the Fisheye allowed me to get the Hancock Tower into the frame, made my day.

On another note:
Yesterday I mentioned an upcoming treat next Wednesday.

I’m really excited to be hosting another HDR collaboration post.

The premise is one photographer provides a set of brackets and the others attack them. Like sharks.

This round, I am providing brackets for a new image from Bolton Emerson Americas and the following guys will be applying their own HDR styles to it:

Check out their work and be sure to stop by on  Wednesday next week.

Wait. Come back before then. I promise I’ll have a couple of more images for you before Wednesday.

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  1. I’m still laughing at the fact that Rob Hanson has no nickname 😉 Loving the framing of your shot and the contrast of old to new with the skyscraper on the left. Good stuff.

  2. Love the shot! Very creative. I was just there last weekend and there was some sort of conference going on and I couldn’t get in… Next time 🙂

  3. Good thing I already own he fisheye, otherwise the several images you’ve posted coming from that lens would have forced me to buy one. Love your framing in this one and how you’ve positioned that statue in the lower right.