October 24, 2011

Artichoke Special

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I am passionate about photography. I am equally passionate about running. Sometimes my need to run and my desire to shoot collide, forcing me to choose one over the other. Last weekend in New York, the two collided in a way in which one couldn’t possibly win over the other.

For the past three or four months, I have been training for the Marine Corps Marathon. Since the core of marathon training is the weekend “long run,” you can’t allow a simple weekend trip to New York to get in the way. Especially at the end of a training cycle (the race is next weekend in DC).  But a trip to New York offers so many photographic opportunities! I wanted to get out to shoot! And when that trip to New York is for a family wedding, well, that brings responsibilities. There are places to be, people to see — wedding to attend!

So my long run that weekend was a photographic run through Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge, into Manhattan and back – all while carrying my camera. I covered about 12 miles carrying my D700 / 20mm lens combo, and getting some pretty strange looks along the way.

The plan was to run to Occupy Wall Street, shoot the madness for a while, then run back (which I did). But I also stopped a few other times along the way. This produce stand in Brooklyn on Court Street (if I remember correctly) particularly hit me. It seemed to spill out of the store, dominating it’s little corner of Brooklyn.

I’m sure there are similar scenes throughout New York’s Boroughs, but it was new to me. It was worth stopping for.


As I mentioned, I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon this coming weekend. I will be running it for a charity that I am involved with. The CPL Christopher G. Scherer Semper Fi Fund (Team Chris) was named for the Marine son of close friends of mine who was killed in 2007 while serving in Iraq.

Team Chris’ mission is to provide personal comfort supplies to Marines serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and also helps fund the efforts of selected organizations that provide support to returning troops in need of services.

If you are inclined to support my run, you may donate here.

If you wish to read more about CPL Christopher G. Scherer and Team Chris, visit http://www.cplchris.com

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  1. Can that deal of arts come down to my neck of the woods?? Please?

    Cool shot, even though I’m jealous of the price, lol. Good luck on your run man! That thing sounds tough!