October 25, 2011

Bolton Emerson Americas: The Welder’s Bench

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Back to Bolton Emerson Americas for today image.

This one is actually a re-shoot of an HDR image I shot last year of the same bench in the welding area of BEA (minus the welder’s mask and gloves). The original was shot with a wider lens as well. It wasn’t a bad image, but it didn’t quite do it for me. I don’t even recall if it made the first round of the series.

As wonderful as this place looks rendered in HDR, I’ve come to believe that Bolton Emerson America’s true character comes across in black and white. Old. Industrial. Gritty.

So for this round I’ve been roaming the facility with the 50mm lens and trying to look at things in black and white.

I can’t say I’ve been completely successful. I have gone with the fisheye on some shots and processed a couple of shots in HDR.

That’s me … Mr Discipline.

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Yes, I am biased and I am an affiliate.

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  1. Love this image Bob. This is a true representation of a work bench with a little organization and little mess. Excellent work!

  2. WOW Bob, this is very emotional and dramatic. I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on the B&W processing here. This is an iconic shot that is absolutely spot-on my friend.