November 1, 2011


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Not sure if I can capture this past weekend in one blog post, but I’ll try: I went to Washington DC to run a marathon for a fantastic charity; I saw some old friends; I meet a new one; I did some some photography.

The Marathon and old friends … I ran the Marine Corps Marathon for the third time to support the CPL Christopher G Scherer Semper Fi Fund (Team Chris), an organization founded by my friends, the Scherer family, in honor of their son, Chris, who was killed in Iraq. It is always an emotional weekend, but one I won’t miss. I met my fundraising goal, but we are still taking donations (no pressure).

I also met my running goal. I wanted to re-qualify for the 2013 Boston Marathon. I needed to run under 3 hours and 30 minutes and did so with not as much time as I would have liked to spare. I’m happy.

New friend … well, technically, not new. I “met” Jacques Gudé via Twitter, well over a year ago. Through the course of several email exchanges and Skype conversations we became friends. He’s now living in the DC area, so we got together for a day of shooting. I also dragged him into the whole Team Chris experience, to which, he quickly warmed.

In our day of shooting, Jacques took me to a sweet urbex location and to the Air and Space Museum at DC’s Dulles Airport. Which brings us to this shot of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

We hit the museum at the perfect time — an hour before closing – on a Friday – after most of the tourists had left the building. The down side is, it was closing in an hour. We ran around line madmen trying to get shots. We were also challenged by the no tripod rule. High ISO, hand-held bracketing under pressure.

So many aircraft, so little time!

I forgot to mention, I am pleased to be part of the latest HDR Collaboration with some very talented shooters. This round is hosted by Jim Denham. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Congrats on hitting the running goal! Sounds like you and Jacques had a good time and I am so loving the results from your time at the museum. This is just an awesome shot!

  2. Nice one Bob, I have a rendition of this shot myself, but I snuck my gorrilla pod in, they did not say a word, I was happy. It’s a great place to shoot.