November 2, 2011

A Shout Out

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Today’s image is for a good friend of mine who moved West yesterday. He’s beginning a new chapter in his life.

I first met Brian Matiash through site comments, email exchanges, twitter, or whatever. But we met, shot together and learned from one another. Actually, I probably learned more from him, than he learned from me.

I invited him to shoot with me in the mills in Lawrence very early in 2010. That was the first of many photographic adventures from which much of my best work emerged. His too, I believe. Brian was the driving force behind many subsequent shoots. Often dragging me out when I had little or no desire to leave the house. Again, often resulting in some good images.

It was through Brian’s urging that I entered the world of social media, where my work started to gain a wider audience and I got to meet so many other talented photographers, many of whom I am happy to call friends.

This shot is from one of our more memorable adventures, The Belchertown State School. 5 hours of Urbex Bliss.

So here’s to Brian! Good luck on the left coast, my friend! Start scouting places to shoot!

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  1. A terrific tribute. This is an awesome shot. I love the way you’ve processed it and how you’ve brought out all the goodness in the grime.

  2. I hate it when people move away. Hope you’ll be able to occasionally shoot with Brian in the future. I would guess you both bring out the best in each other. Good friends are like that.