November 7, 2011

Close Encounter

[singlepic id=1595 w=865 float=center]

After shooting the Space Shuttle Enterprise I turned around and was stunned by this view of the SR-71 from behind. The lights, the lines, the shadows … everything about it.  The best part was, there was nobody standing between me and this gorgeous aircraft.

I wasn’t the only one obsessed with this other-worldly looking contraption, My good friend, Jacques Gudé captured a really incredible, drool-worthy abstract of this aircraft from the front. Be sure to check it out.

A not-so-side note, I processed this image using the all new onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6. OK, I did run the backets through Photomatix initially, but after that it was all onOne. I opened the tonemapped image and an original exposure in the PhotoSuite and masked out some nasty noise then merged the layers. A couple of filters and a touch more masking later, and here is the final image.

I am really excited about this game-changing suite from onOne. It is already changing the way I process images.

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  1. This is fab Bob, the darkness from which the SR-71 emerges really enhances it, as does the DoF, and the symmetry suits the images to perfection. Quite magical!