November 10, 2011


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I forgot to post an image yesterday. I’ve almost stopped posting on the weekends, but missing a weekday is so unlike me. I trust your day went well without this diversion.

Here is one from Portland, Maine. I was there last Saturday for an architectural shoot on the waterfront. After I finished, I wandered along the pier with my camera. I wanted to get a couple of Blog worthy shots in the short time I had for recreational shooting. This was the best I could come up with. Actually … I didn’t try really hard at all. It was late and I was hungry.

With lots of lobster boats and grungy storefronts, the pier I shot this at had a lot of photographic potential. I did shoot some of the grunge, but this shot is the one I liked most. Not sure if it’s the bold colors, the bird’s eye view, or the fact that it was late and I was hungry. I got my shot and went to get some food.

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  1. This is an amazing composition and great colors. I’ve been thinking about dropping weekend posting myself, but in an odd turn, for the past month or so I have gotten more traffic on weekends than during the week. That goes against everything I previously experienced.