November 17, 2011


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Chinese characters are logograms. A logogram is a grapheme which represents a word or a morpheme (the smallest meaningful unit of language). Chinese characters constitute the oldest continuously-used system of writing in the world. Thank you wikipedia, for that bit of information, but that doesn’t help me understand why I might want to call 917-887-0656.


This image was shot back in October during a Google+ photowalk througth Chinatown in Manhattan. I was in the area for a wedding that weekend and reached out to a few friends to see if they were available to shoot during my stay. My friend, Mark Garbowski mentioned the G+ walk and, well, it just fit into the schedule nicely.

I know it sounds strange, but this was my first ever photo walk. I usually picjk a destination and go alone or with a friend or two. The idea of meeting up with 60 photography enthusiasts was a bit foreign to me. And I absolutely loved it.

So, thanks Mark, for the invite.

A quick processing note on this … I went from Lightroom to onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6.0 and back. A round trip that took less than 10 minutes. It was a single shot (no HDR here). I bumped up the contrast and applied one filter to give it a slight cross processed look.

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