November 22, 2011

Passing Times

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I was going through some old images last night and found this one from my trip to New York this past June. It was the last image I shot after an epic day that took me and a handful of friends from Grand Central Terminal to The Brooklyn Bridge and back to Manhattan for dinner. A very late dinner at a what seemed to be the only restaurant still open in “The City That Never Sleeps.” But that’s a story for another day.

After dinner I made my way on foot back to my hotel, a few blocks on the other side of Times Square. At close to midnight, the place was still vibrant and lit up like a christmas tree. I made my way through, stopping to gram some shots with the fisheye lens. Once I was happy, I packed up my gear and made  a beeline for the hotel. After walking for what seemed like forever I turned and looked back towards Times Square. I was amazed how it’s lights still ruled the night.

I quickly changed lenses and set up for this shot.

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  1. Absolutely incredible, Bob! It’s funny the diametric difference between the small town we live in here on the west coast of Canada, and NYC in the middle of the night. Awesome composition and capture here, my friend; masterfully done!!