November 25, 2011


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For the past 24 years, my running club has played host to the Feaster Five Road Race in Andover, Massachusetts. At one time it was just another road race. In its first year, a couple of hundred runners shoed up to burn off some calories to make room for the afternoon’s upcoming feast.  Over the years the number grew. And grew some more. And then some more.

When the field of runners and walkers topped 5,000 a few years ago, it pretty much moved from “road race” status to that of “event.”  Last year and again this year, the number topped 10,000.

I used to run the race, but for the past 10-12 years I have been photographing it for the club’s archives. I love shooting the kids in the fun run, then capturing the start of the 5 mile/5k. It is incredible to watch 10,000 people stream across the starting line, from the fastest (4-5 minute per mile) runners to the last or the walkers, many with dogs in tow or pushing baby  jogging strollers.

This shot is from just before the finish line of the 5K. Of the 10,000 participants, it is clear that at least one didn’t have a great time.

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