December 2, 2011

Admin Stairs

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I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago when I got a call from a property manager in my old home town of Lowell, Massachusetts. She found my site, saw my work in the mills and invited me to come and shoot one of her company’s buildings, scheduled to be renovated this winter. It is a small three story building that once serves as the administration office of the mill complex that surrounded it.

Timing could have been better. In preparation for the upcoming work, the building was pretty much gutted. Most of the interior walls were down and the maple (i think) woodwork was stacked along the north wall. However, the staircase was original still intact.

Yes, there is a god (said The Stair Whisperer).

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  1. I love the color tones, lines and perspective. You wonder who or what might come down the stairs or emerge from the darkness behind the stairs. Great atmospherics, Bob.