December 20, 2011

Trinity Steps

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These are the back stairs at Boston’s Trinity Church. It has been sitting in the archives for well over a year. I had been shooting the interior with the fisheye and when I came upon the stairs, I saw nu reason to switch to another lens.

I was dying to remove the red velvet covered chain that was subtly telling tourists, “No, you can’t go up to the balcony.” But I knew that either Dave Wilson would bolt past me and scurry up the forbidden steps or Brian Matiash would call security on me. Probably both.

Cooler heads prevailed. I left the chain in place and we went on to shoot some more.

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  1. Love all the curvy goodness in this frame, Bob. The fisheye does well to exaggerate the existing curves and really adds to the image.

  2. I seem to remember that, at that particular point, Brian was outside having a very heated argument with a Security drone from the John Hancock Building. I was likely still inside the sanctuary wishing my lovely 14-24 gave me the same lovely wavy distortion that you were getting with the Sigma 15mm.

  3. Hey Bob, this one is fantastic. Really nice use of fisheye distortion. Cloning in Photoshop is great for removing things like red velvet covered chains.:)

  4. I love staircases and this is a great exemplar. The use of a fisheye lens was also a very good choice for this subject!