January 12, 2012


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Flipping (well, clicking) through my Lightroom catalog last night, I found a couple of more images from my October trip to New York City that went neglected. Thought I’d give them some processing love.

We were there for my wife’s cousin’s wedding. The reception was at a little Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn on the East River.  The bride, Johanna, selected it specifically because of its views of the Manhattan skyline. With so many people coming from out of town, she figured why not show everyone the city!

The location was great, and the photographer in me took advantage of it advantage as much as he could, after all, the day wasn’t mine. As much as I wished I had a bigger hit with me, I went to the wedding with only a couple of prime lenses.

From the deck of the restaurant, I grabbed this shot. That’s the Empire State Building with the setting sun bouncing off of it. It is framed by the Williamsburg Bridge.

I’ll close out the week tomorrow with the another from the trip. A shot of the sunset over Lower Manhattan.

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