January 20, 2012

Textile Memorial Bridge II

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Another shot of the Textile Memorial Bridge in Lowell, Massachusetts.

I thought I was done shooting. I had packed my gear, climbed back up the bank to the road and was walking back to my car when the late afternoon sun broke through. The bridge was backlit in golden hour glory. I briefly thought, “I’ll come back another day at this time of day.” Then I realized how lucky I was. It is January, there is no snow and the river is low. Plus, the sky was perfect.

I realized the conditions would never be the same, so I turned around and climbed back down to the river for this shot.


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  1. Glad someone is recording old Lowell before it completely disappears under the vision of new Information Age Lowell and all the glass boxes and glitz. R.I.P. Working-class Lowell.

    A consolation is that we still have Lawrence… for a few more years…