January 25, 2012

The Foggy Coast


This was shot along Acadia’s Park Loop Road on the same foggy day as yesterday’s image. I remember the day pretty well. It started with a deep sea fishing trip in the fog.

When the boat left the harbor, we expected the fog to lift but it never did. For about four hours my son and I, along with the 20 or so other people on the boat, felt like we were trapped in a Stephen King novel (one of the bad ones). The fog was so thick, it was impossible to get any visual cues to tell us east from west or north from south. Then the sea sickness set in for many of us, making up and down interchangeable. Not a fun day at sea.

We salvaged the day with the dinner in Bar Harbor and a photo drive around the National Park.

At that time, I was heavily into honing my HDR skills. If the image didn’t work as a tonemapped image, or I pretty much dismissed it. Revisiting them (the ones I published as well as those I dismissed) after three and a half years has been eye opening. I love how Black and White can totally transform the mood and meaning of a scene.


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