February 20, 2012

Garbage Time

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I tried not to think of what was buried beneath me as I climbed the hill — a huge landfill mound overlooking this trash processing plant. It had all the tell-tale features of a landfill. It was well graded and groomed, tiered and ventilated. At the top were a few mounds of  dirt, a couple of tractor trailer containers and a few shrubs, indicating that this phase was pretty much complete. It also had a great view of the plant itself, which was the reason I made the climb in the first place.

I had scoped it out last week and thought a quiet Sunday night would be the perfect time to shoot.

I have a soft spot for big industrial structures but don’t get to shoot them often, usually because of proximity or security. Big power plants tend to be pretty well guarded, for good reason I guess. But I don’t think trash processing plants are considered high value targets.

Some Processing Notes:
This is a 9 exposure HDR image processed with Photomatix. It was lightly stylized using onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite. It was shot with the 20mm f2.8 lens on a D700.


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