February 29, 2012

Looking Glass Falls

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Looking Glass Falls is the most photographed waterfall in North Carolina. The reason is simple. You can see it from the road. If you are really lazy, you can simply roll down the car window and grab a shot as you drive past. But that would be stupid. You should at least make the effort to get out of the car and shoot it from the road side.

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can walk down the conveniently placed stairway to the bed of Looking Glass Creek. From there, you can feel the spray of the falls. It is that close.

I did all of that and more for this (and another shot which I’ll share later). I hopped the rail, scampered over rocks and took my time to set up the shot.

My traveling companions were more than patient. I lugged my full kit down to the falls, took my time setting up a couple of shots and then spent several minutes shooting a few long exposures with the B&W 10 stop ND filter.

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  1. Outstanding shot Bob! Looking Glass isn’t the easiest target without an ND10. I have several shots that I took this past fall and most are full of fail. 🙂