March 6, 2012

What’s Old is New Again

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The Stone Mill in Lawrence is one of the first places I turned my lens towards in this area. At least when I started getting serious about photography again. Even though I have shot it pretty thoroughly, I often get the urge to go back. I usually resist, opting instead to seek out something new or not shoot at all.

Last Saturday I caved in to the urge and decided to venture over for a couple of hours. I’m glad I did. As familiar as I am with the building my prolonged absence allowed me to see it differently. What’s old is suddenly new again. Here is the first shot from that short session. I have a couple more queued up for posts this week.

For the record, The Stone Mill is not abandoned. It is home to about a half dozen businesses and is monitored by security. However, the top two floors are empty and have been for some time. My access to the building (as well as the Everett Mill) is permission based.

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  1. It’s good in a way to go back to place time and time again. You get to “know” them in a way most don’t.

  2. Bob, your compositions are pretty much magical, in my humble opinion. I just LOVE how you leave more to the imagination than you reveal in this incredible image; well seen and captured my good friend! Really looking forward to more shots from this location.