March 8, 2012

Eastie’s View

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It is often with great trepidation that I venture back into the archives for an image to post. Sometimes I find something worth posting but I’m not always sure if I’ve stumbled upon an image that I completely forgot about or simply forgot I already posted. This is such a case. I had to do some due diligence on this. Searched my site for “East Boston,” “LoPresti Park” and “skyline” but didn’t find this image. So I’m reasonably sure it is new to the blog. If not, tough. Here it is again.

The image was shot about a year ago at LoPresti Park in East Boston, a wonderful spot to catch the Boston Skyline. My friend Brian Matiash dragged me out that day, and I owe him a debt for that (as well as other shoots). It was a lazy Sunday when I got a call from Brian saying “let’s go shoot … let’s go to East Boston.”  I was settled in. Didn’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything. But I succumbed to his powers of persuasion.  I grabbed my gear and headed for Boston for what turned out to be a very productive and rewarding session. And great fun.

Everyone should have a Brian — someone who can get you off your ass and out shooting.

Everyone should be a Brian — someone who can motivate a friend to get off his ass and out shooting.

Be sure to check out one of Brian’s shots from the LoPresti Park shoot.

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