March 9, 2012

Stone Exit

[singlepic id=1703 w=600 float=center]


The attic of the Stone Mill in Lawrence never fails to provide interesting new compositions.

This one is from last weekend’s quick visit. It was shot with the 14mm lens, which I am still having a lot of fun with and still learning to control.

On another note:
As you probably know, I really enjoy photographing industrial scenes. Thus far, most of my work in that area area has been of the “vintage” variety Bolton-Emerson Americas and the mills, specifically.  Yesterday morning I started a new photography project in a modern facility that refines and processes Tantalum. I spent about an hour walking through the facility and grabbed a few quick shots which I will start sharing here next week. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be returning to the facility for more comprehensive shooting.




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  1. Great composition, Bob. I like your multiple leading lines and the overall tonality. Nice ultra-wide work by the way.

  2. Wow, Bob, this might be one of my very favorite images of yours! Great textures and details here, I was held fascinated for quite some time absorbing it all! Wonderful work.

  3. I so love your Urbex work Bob. This is an excellent shot. I love the way the “light” is calling me to come forward through the image.