March 15, 2012

Pasteurized Homogenized Standardized

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Alternate title: Got Milk?

As I walked past this milk carton on a table in the Stone Mill a couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me that I haven’t shot enough detail shots in this place. Figured it was time to remedy that.

There aren’t a lot of “remnants of the past” in the mill. No old textile machinery parts or anything like that. Just some odds and ends. This among them. It must have been missed in the last cleanup of the attic. I’m glad it was.

As I mentioned before, the Stone Mill is not abandoned.  On the lower floors you’ll find a bridal shop and a commercial photographer (John Skibbee is an old friend of mine and a great commercial photographer), among other businesses. But the top two floors are empty. The attic, where I shot this image has a distinctly abandoned feel to it.

You can get a feel for the history of the building by reading the (probably) hundreds of messages, tributes, and taunts that are etched into the plaster, stone, and wood by generations of people who worked in this building.

Except John. I doubt John Skibbee is carving graffiti into the rafters.

(Note to self: macro series of Stone Mill etchings.)

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  1. Sometimes its important to see the smaller things. Terrific shot Bob. How long do you thank that carton’s been sitting there?