March 20, 2012

The Back Steps

[singlepic id=1710 w=650 float=center]


I know. I know. More stairs. I can’t help myself.

I know I have a couple of more images like this one from the Belchertown State School but there is something refreshing about shooting a familiar subject with a new lens. In this case, I revisited this site with my 14mm 2.8 lens. I have always enjoyed shooting wide, but this lens given wide new meaning for me.  I love the distortion and the drama it helps create.


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  1. great job with the editing of these stairs! i love the grungy feeling here, it’s definitely a world class HDR work!

  2. That’s freaking sweet. Hard to see the distortion really unless you look at the right side of the wall. You can see some pincushion distortion in it. Honestly though, I agree, I think it looks cool and well suited to your subject. Nice work!

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