April 3, 2012

Unitarian Memorial Church #2

[singlepic id=1721 w=650 float=center]


Yesterday I showed you the exterior. Here is a shot of the interior of the Unitarian Memorial Church. It is an HDR vertorama comprised of four sets of 9 brackets, so technically, I guess it is actually four shots of the interior. Anyway, this vertorama technique is new to me and I really like it. It is an ideal technique for capturing incredible vertical vistas like this.

I learned that Henry Huttleson Rogers (number 2 man at Standard Oil) commissioned Architect Charles Bingham to design and build this Late Gothic Revival Church, complete with flying buttresses and a bell tower.

With all of it’s glorious details, it is hard to believe that this church was constructed in less than four years. But that is what I was told by the Reverend Ann Fox, so I know it is true. She’s a Reverend. She can’t lie. It’s against the law. I also learned that on a video I saw on YouTube. That’s called validation.

Before I go too far into details about the church, I’ll revisit that video so I get my facts straight.

Back to the vertorama thing. The best tutorial on the web for this technique is from Klaus Herrmann. Be sure to check him out. His work is amazing.

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  1. Nice image Bob! I haven’t tried a vertorama yet but my latest blog post features a pano that references some tutorials I have been learning from Klaus’s great site.

  2. That’s a wonderful shot Bob. The light and details are great but I think that carpet acting as a leading line are killer.