April 9, 2012


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Here is a shot from a warehouse. I visited it a couple of weeks ago to practice my vertorama shooting technique before I went to the Unitarian Church. I needed a place with a high ceiling and this fit the bill. After I got the shots for the vertorama, I dropped down low to get this shot. I really liked what the distortion of the 14mm lens did with the symmetry of this towering aisle.

So how did I get in here? How did I get access? Let’s just say I know some “Top Men.”

Oh, and that vertorama test shot … I did post it to Google+ after I processed it but I have a newer version which I will post here later this week.

I also have a couple of other shots from the Unitarian Memorial Church to share.


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  1. I’d love to shoot a place like this sometime I’m just a bit too afraid to break into places, and a bit too timid to ask for permission.

    Nice shot!