April 17, 2012

Use Only With This End Up

[singlepic id=1730 h=850 float=center]


A detail shot from the Foundry in Lawrence. This chain and can of (I believe) industrial lubricant was hanging neatly on a handle of the furnace. It presented a nice layered composition, which I took full advantage of. It was shot with the 20mm f2.8 prime. Wide open at 2.8, of course.

On another note, if you are wondering how I survived the heat in the Boston Marathon yesterday, the answer is, I didn’t. The heat, coupled with a nasty head cold were not a good combination so I looked for a convenient opportunity to bail. I pulled the plug at mile 16. It was a brutal day on the course. Worse I’ve seen in my 16 years of running it.

My hat is off to the my many friends (and everyone) who pushed through the pain and heat to complete the race. My friends were beaming with pride at last night’s post marathon party. Congrats all!

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  1. I was just going to ask you how the run went yesterday, mate. Sorry to hear that you didn’t make it, but 16 miles is a good 15.9 miles farther than I would have survived. I get winded jogging a stack of paper.

    Fantastic shot, too! You just keep crankin’ them out, ya hear?

  2. Love these detailed shots – so common in the industrial factories of old (and probably the new ones too). Very cool!

  3. Cool. You got the chains to pop out of the background giving a lot of depth to the shot. Very interesting subject matter too!

  4. Too bad about the race, but you’ve got to know your limits, especially when under the weather. 16 miles in that heat with a head cold is still an achievement. I love that spray can

  5. Very cool find Bob. Love the details. Don’t be so hard on yourself about the race. I’m amazed you attempted it while you were sick.

  6. Author

    Thanks everyone! And thanks for the kind words about the race. It may be the smartest thing I’ve done (or will do) all year. I’m very fine with it and already looking forward to the Marine Corps Marathon in the fall.