April 24, 2012

High Service Water Tower


This is one of my favorite shots from last year and I don’t think it ever made the Blog. I couldn’t tell you why.

It is teh high service water tower in Lawrence, MA. A really cool old structure that is still very much in service. The main structure contains a 12 story high stainless steel water tank. The smaller section on the left encases the spiral staircase that winds to the observation deck at the top.

I had the pleasure of shooting the interior of the tower last summer. I grabbed this shot on a scouting mission of sorts. It was by coincidence  that I had my fisheye lens on the camera when I was approaching the tower late that afternoon. I noticed the sun was perfectly positioned over the roof, so I quickly set up and worked to get myself in the right position to get the sunburst between the towers.

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  1. I like what the fish eye did to the composition… the way the foreground shadow just kind of sweeps into the tower itself. Great sky and framing with the tree too. Cool!

  2. Nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly positioned star burst…something about teaming up with a celestial body like the sun to create a photograph is very rewarding.

    Great shot Bob!