April 26, 2012

Hello Austin, Nevada!


This will probably be my last post until late next week. I’m heading out to the Austin, Nevada area for a few days of desert shooting.

It is a small town in the middle of nowhere on the Loneliest Road in America (Route 50). I’ve been enamored with the area ever since I stayed there for a night in 2004 during the TREK USA Relay I ran from SanFrancisco to Boston. The desert was so new to me and the town so inviting, I was determined to go back and photograph the area in earnest. So almost 8 years to the day, I am finally doing it.

Shooting won’t be limited to Route 50 and Austin. I’ve been researching the area and have consulted with my friend, Justin Balog, who has shot extensively throughout Nevada.  On a couple of day trips, I’m going to try to hit Battle Mountain, the town of Manhattan and a few ghost towns in between. Also hoping to get in some nighttime desert shooting, weather permitting.

I’ll try to update my FB, Twitter and G+ accounts while I’m out there, but If I recall correctly, AT&T cell coverage is pretty much non-existant. I’ll be at the mercy of hotel Internet.

Oh. The image … This was shot in Austin on my first visit back in 2004. After a long day of running along Route 50 in almost 100° heat, a couple of us popped over to the International Hotel. We enjoyed a couple of cold beers while the bartender regaled us with stories of the town’s past.



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  1. Hope you had a great trip just enjoy your vacation..Looking forward to see your photo vacation..