May 8, 2012

Belmont, NV, USA


I spent my first night in Austin, Nevada getting re-acquainted with the town. It was pretty much exactly as I remembered it. The International Hotel was still there. It has changed hands since 2004, but is still an iconic building in town so I didn’t really think it would be going anywhere.  Over the next few days, would become very familiar with the food in the restaurant. Great burgers, pizza and a VERY filling breakfast!

I had already checked into the Cozy Mountain Motel where I met Cindy, the owner. When she found out why I was in the Austin area she graciously offered some expert advice and tips.

Cindy not only gave me new suggestions on what to shoot, but validated things I already had in mind. Today’s image one such example.

This shot is from Belmont, established in 1865 following a silver strike. Technically a ghost town, Belmont has a handful of residents (I met a very friendly dog, whose unseen owner called him back) and a couple of saloons (both closed when I was there).  There is no electricity or telephone service in the town.

The town is something of an outdoor museum, proudly flying the flag in the center of town asking travelers to stop and check it out.  The remnants of the town range from the Courthouse (under renovation) to decaying homes to crumbling walls of once vibrant businesses (as seen here). There are markers in front of most buildings telling modern day visitors what purposes the buildings once served.


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  1. Wow, that sounds like an urbex/decay photography nirvana. Imagine that the town actually welcomes people to come check it out and doesn’t chase you away!