May 14, 2012

Postcards from Austin, Nevada

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Now that you’ve had an overview of my Nevada trip, I think it is time to get down to details. So settle in for a few weeks of thematic images.

This week I’m presenting “Postcards from Austin, Nevada.”  I think it is fitting to start here, considering Austin was my home for four days.

My affinity for Austin started in 2004, when I ran the TREK USA Relay. On Day 3 of the relay Austin served as our “port of call.” And they rolled out the red carpet. The (then) proprietors of the International Hotel and Bar served up a killer pasta dinner and they opened the doors early the next morning to feul us up for another 20 miles of running.

With precious little time to explore the town with my camera back then, I made a mental note to return. So here we are.

Today’s shot is a panorama of the town itself. It loses something at this size, so you need to see it bigger. You can click on the image to see a slightly larger version, or you can click here to see a really, really, REALLY BIG version (it is a 22MB file, so be patient).

Austin is approximately 100 miles from anywhere, which adds to its charm. It is nestled in Pony Canyon, smack dab in the middle of Nevada. The elevation there is over 6,000 feet above sea level (about as high as Mount Washington, for my New England friends).
If you are driving (or running) across the country along Route 50, you have to go through Austin. I mean that literally.
Make sure you stop. The burgers at The International are to die for.
There are three (or four) motels in town. My home base for this trip was the Cozy Mountain Motel. The proprietor, Cindy Garcia, was an excellent host and had some great suggestions for places to shoot.
Some processing notes on this image.
It is an HDR Pano comprised of 6 sets of 5 exposures each. It was tonemapped in Photomatix Pro and finished in onOne Software’s Perfect Photo suite and Lightroom.

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  1. Love the pano, Bob. I’m really anticipating seeing more of your images from here, it looks like a great location for still images, and also a good backdrop for motion picture production.