May 18, 2012

The International II

I wasn’t planning on running this image today, but a friend of mine forced my hand.

Dave Leonard was a member of the TREK USA team 8 years ago. Technically he wasn’t a runner on the relay, he was part of the support crew. But in actuality we all ran. We 10 “runners” were locked into our schedules the 5 support people jumped in with a runner time or inclination dictated. Dave probably logged 10 miles a day average. Dave was also my roommate and the other photographer on the trip. After a long day of running, Dave and I would hunker down and decide which of the images we took would be uploaded to the website.

But I digress.

For most of us on TREK, Austin was the most memorable town we had the pleasure to stay in over the 25 days, and The International was the most memorable restaurant we ate in. So naturally, Dave (and Lyn, and Tom) have been asking to see more. So for them, here is my exterior shot of The International Hotel and Bar, Austin, Nevada.

I’ll post more images form this wonderful town in the weeks to come. I have more shots of the buildings on main street and a couple of images that I am saving for timing reasons.

“Timing of what?”

Funny you should ask … let me tell you.

After posting images of the trip on Google+, I was contacted by the editor of Nevada Magazine. They will be running two of my Austin images in their July/August issue. I’m pretty about it and will hold off on those images until the issue comes out.

Until then, I have plenty to share.

Next week, the journey continues. I’ll bring you some images from the towns of Manhattan and Belmont.

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